Thursday, November 18, 2004

PowerSchool from Apple

Apple - PowerSchool from Apple
PowerSchool, a web-based student information system (SIS) from Apple, simplifies data-driven decision making by providing real-time information to all stakeholders — over the Internet. Administrators get the most accurate information to make more effective decisions. Teachers gain timesaving administrative tools, parents gain immediate access to their children’s grades, and students can track their own progress.

PowerSchool is built for the web and your budget. With the ability to centrally locate your server at the district office, you don’t need to buy a server for every school. And because PowerSchool is platform independent, it can be accessed from any Windows or Mac computer with a web browser and supports Windows and Mac server platforms.

Sounds like some of the hospital software systems I work with in my real job.

This kind of monitoring capability may be most important for at-risk children. I wonder if this software solution could be extended to provide a comprehensive view of the progress of an at-risk child for all the "stakeholders" -- not only parents but also tutors, therapists, etc.

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