Saturday, December 27, 2008

Provigil and ADHD

This is old news (2006) but recent enthusiasm for using Provigil (modafinil) as a productivity enhancement for scientists brought it to mind:
Use of Drug to Treat ADHD in Children Opposed -

... A Food and Drug Administration advisory committee voted 12 to 1 against recommending modafinil as safe for children with ADHD. Earlier, the psychopharmacologic drugs panel unanimously agreed that modafinil works as a treatment for ADHD...

... The committee recommended that Cephalon Inc. undertake a 3,000-patient trial to determine the risk modafinil may pose for Stevens-Johnson syndrome...

... one out of 900 children involved in earlier studies of the drug developed the disease. He and Cephalon spokeswoman Jenifer Antonacci said the agency and the company will discuss the committee's recommendation ...

Please note that the enthusiasm for Provigil use by healthy people is occurring at the same time as a series of studies showing accelerated aging associated with lack of sleep.

A new drug for ADHD would be interesting, but it's hard to beat the incredible safety record of Ritalin. Provigil would have to have some really unique or complementary effect to be worth serious consideration.

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