Saturday, October 05, 2013

ADHD, CDD, and Related Conditions - what I wrote in 2002 holds up pretty well today

I started this blog in 2004, Best You Can Be, when #2 (Asperger) was 5 and #1 was 7. Since that time I've written about my thoughts on the nature of brain disorders and the limits of our medical classifications -- among other topics.

Today I rediscovered one of my last pre-blog classic personal web pages -- it was largely written in 2002 and when #2 was not-quite diagnosed and we were getting our heads around how to work with a 5 year old #1. In some ways the hardest times (to date!) were behind us -- but I'd had time to think about the nature of cognitive disorders and disability. I put some of those thoughts into a web article called ADHD, CDD, and Related Conditions.

Rereading it today it holds up pretty well -- I did a good job anticipating the next decade of evolving thinking about classifications and the nature of disability. If you're thinking of ADHD or similar disorders, it might be worth a scan even now.

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