Friday, October 08, 2004

The Google Ads on this page

Welcome to AdWords

I've added Google AdWords to this site. I get some pittance each time someone clicks on them, but I don't expect that to be worth much. The reason I added them is that I'm hoping they'll be interesting and will highlight local services. Oddly enough Google forbids me to click on them! (You'd think they'd simply not count my clicks in their payment schemes.)

If you're a local service provider (legal services, tutoring, education, counseling, etc) you might consider following the above link and signing up for Google AdWords. You only pay when people visit your site, and given the topic it's likely that anyone visiting will be very interested. I don't think you get to choose where your ads show up, but chances are if they're related to special needs and special education services in the twin cities they'd show up here as well as many other places.

Update 5/23/06: The Ads I was getting were mostly for fraudulent therapies. I removed the AdWords feature.