Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Cognitive disability and AI assistance with Google Inbox.app. Suddenly, a new world.

Google announced nsAI (non-sentient artificial intelligence) assisted email today, it will debut in the Android and iOS Inbox.app.

My first thought was that this will be kind of annoying. A few minutes later I was thinking about AI-responses generating AI-responses and the various spam implications. I decided this would be interesting, exciting, maybe a bit scary. There will certainly be unexpected consequences.

Then I remembered how much iOS word and phrase completion has helped #1 son with texting and email. I remembered that I’ve been watching for more nsAI assistance to support both of my sons. 

That’s when I realized how big this announcement really is.

I’ve reinstalled Inbox.app on my iPhone and Ill be planning how to transition both of my sons to the new platform and how to introduce the concepts of nsAI assistance to our local educational system.

This is how the future comes crashing in.