Tuesday, March 12, 2019

A (very) inclusive CrossFit gym - in Reno Nevada

Fitness is a problem for many people, not least special needs teens and adults. Diabetes and obesity are common in our population.

Diet is a factor — it takes a lot of cognitive work to outrun the American junk food industry. The special needs population is vulnerable to deceptive advertising implying health benefits of "sports drinks".

Exercise is also a problem. Special Olympics and Special Hockey programs are low volume — typically once a week. Group classes may be intimidating or unwelcoming. Incomes are low and gyms can be costly [1]. Workout music may be intolerable. The feel and odor of sweat may be unusually bothersome. Lastly, suffering for health is a bit abstract for many with special needs.

Today I learned of an extraordinary example of doing something more ...

Upstate Nevada - CrossFit Everyday Heroes

… Upstate Nevada is the first nonprofit facility for community fitness and is motivated by the philosophy that “nobody should be denied a healthy lifestyle due to physical, cognitive or financial impairments.” ...

… The Upstate Nevada board and staff run a community first, gym second … Inclusive and adaptive programs for any type of physical or mental impairments...

… Our Everyday Heroes program offers free or reduced price memberships for the following ...

-Adults with physical or cognitive impairments and their families

-Children with physical or cognitive impairments and their families

Wow. Very impressive. I’ve seen something a bit like this at CrossFit Icehouse in Fargo ND, but Upstate Nevada is at another level. I hope they share their learnings with the broader health and special needs community. 

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[1] OTOH, adults on disability support often have to spend down to avoid asset caps — exercise classes and personal trainers can be a healthy option.