Saturday, October 20, 2018

On autistic meltdown and exhaustion

Via Twitter I’m reminded of two autism blogs that have passed on - Musings of an Aspie (ended Jan 2015) and Everyday Aspie (2017)/Everyday Aspergers (2016). @mxmackpoet called out 3 in particular [1]:

All 3 match our family's experience from the (sort-of) neurotypical outside.

There is a lot of buried wisdom in these blogs written by people towards the neurotypical end [2] of the autism spectrum. It’s sad that these individuals no longer write on these topics, there really is no replacement for blogs and RSS notification mechanisms. I hope we reinvent them some day [3]. In the meantime I’ll use this post to remind me to explore. I hope one day our #2 will find these essays helpful.

- fn -

[1] It may not be chance that these 3 articles were written in dark times of the northern year. 
[2] It’s not really a linear spectrum of course. It’s some multidimensional space we can’t visualize. People further from the neurotypical space aren’t able to communicate as clearly, these writers are translators.
[3] Or simply recultivate what still exists. Lots of things wax and wane over generations.