Thursday, April 14, 2005

The Mobile Phone for children -- and for some adults as well?

Firefly Mobile: The Mobile Phone for Mobile Kids

This is a "cute" and attractive mobile phone targeted at young children. It may have other uses as well however. It's robust, inexpensive (cheap to replace) and designed for simplicity and ease of use. It may be appropriate for older children with cognitive impairments or for elders who are overwhelmed by typical cell phones (eg. almost everyone over 70).

Product Information:

    * Works on GSM 850/1900 MHz networks
    * Internal antenna
    * Rechargeable, nonremovable lithium ion battery
    * Up to 6 hours talk time
    * Up to 205 hours standby time
    * Size: 3.46" x 1.75" x 0.79"
    * Weight: 2.12 ounces
    * Dual language capabilities: English and Spanish

Fun for Kids:

    * Firefly Fireworks™ light display flashes when making and receiving calls, during standby, and when charging
    * 12 ring tones to choose from
    * 5 animations to choose from
    * 7 LCD screen backlight colors to choose from

No Sweat for Parents:

    * Speed-Dial Mom, Dad, and Emergency calls
    * PIN-protected Phone Book with up to 20 numbers
    * Optionally rejects calls from numbers not in Phone Book
    * Missed call indicator and list

Friday, April 01, 2005

ADHD teacher evaluation scale

Family Medicine Notes

In addition to being useful for clinicians, it's also an interesting overview of the kinds of observed behaviors seen with adhd.