Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Five siblings with varying flavors of autism spectrum disorder

USATODAY.com - Autism's echoes fill this home

We sometimes feel challenged, but we know we're still in the 'minor leagues'. This family is in the major leagues. Of their six children two have classic severe autism, one has Apsergers, two are "PDD/NOS" (autism spectrum disorder) and one is "normal" (aka "mundane"). Aside from the staggering parental burden the range of presentations is astounding. This collection of genetic siblings with diverse presentations has shifted me back towards the traditional school of thought that Aspergers, PDD and classic autism actually have some common underlying pathophysiologies.

USA Today complements this article with a good autism overview.

Really, a nice set of articles. Good journalism. I must also extend my respect and appreciation to this family, and to thank them for the help they're providing to autism researchers.

PS. Tonight Blogger, the service that hosts this blog, is again almost completely dysfunctional.

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