Saturday, November 26, 2005

The cruelty of the autism quack

Prometheus debunks the toxic quackery of Dr. Buttar, a cruel parasite upon autistic children and their families. I think I can understand the terrible desperation that drives some parents into the arms of quacks and frauds; but those that prey upon them are the kin of Philip Morris and the corner meth dealer. I'm no libertarian; I think one of the responsibilities of government is to protect these parents and their children -- especially since some of these therapies may be toxic. Even if they are not directly toxic, they suck money and resources that should be used elsewhere.

The old-time Democrats and Republicans were equally guilty of failing to protect vulnerable families from such quackery, but our current regime takes neglect to new levels. The Bushies attacks on logic, rationalism and science only strengthen Dr. Buttar and his peers.

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QueenAnne said...

John, I am a doctoral student and teacher as well as a parent of child with autism and a child that is gifted. Please be open minded and watch this presentation that was held just a couple of weeks ago:

I would welcome your commentary on this presentation but I want you to watch.