Sunday, July 09, 2006

Teaching special needs children to ride a bicycle: the bike camp

The web site for this bicycle camp is excellent:
Learn How to Ride a Bicycle at Lose The Training

One of the pieces for us this summer is a "Kids on 2 Wheels, Inc." week-long bike "camp" in River Falls, WI next week. (One and a half hours each day at the bike camp, 2 hours in the car!) We are hoping our son, Brandon, will realize a life-long dream and master riding a 2-wheel bike. I'll give you a review later this summer. There are great tips for teaching your child to ride at:
I've had some success using more traditional approaches, but it's been touch and go. It's hard to be patient enough, and to come up with the right mix of incentives. I found one area where the combination of packed earth, grass, and slope allowed the children to steer into terrain that gradually slows the bicycle ...

These people use modified two wheelers that look incredibly stable -- big angular momentum in the front wheel, easy to touch down. A wonderful web site and resource.

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