Friday, January 05, 2007

Scientific American on the "pillow angel"

The News Editor for Scientific American comments on recent media excitement about the care of a severely disabled child: Pillow Angel Parents Deserve Credit, Not Blame: BLOG: SciAm Observations. I agree.

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Anonymous said...

The parents of "Pillow Angel" have taken a bold and deliberate step to insure the quality of future care of their precious little girl. I have worked with developmentally disabled adults who were institutionalized because their aging parents were no longer able to care for them because they were beyond the physical size that the parents were able to manage but did not have the mental capacity to care for themselves. Believe me, institutionalization even under the best of circumstances is horrible for the "child" and the parent! As the parent of two ADHD children with no physical limitations I speak from personal experience, dealing with a child with even comparatively mild disabilities is beyond's physically, emotionally, financially (and any other "ally" you can think of)draining. Don't be quick to judge "Pillow's" parents if you haven't walked a mile, or lived even one day, in their shoes. The path they have chosen will allow them to personally care for their daughter for years longer than they would be able to if she grew to her full adult potential. Even by the time "Pillow" reached adolescence it would require phenomenal physical strength and endurance to dress her, lift her to into/out of her bath, put her in/out of the car or even put her in her own bed at night. I'm in my forties, my girls are in their middle teens and they both weigh over 100 lbs and stand well over 5'. I couldn't physically manage their care now without help. I have my disabled father living with me and believe me, sitter's and outside help are extremely expensive. My love and prayers are with "Pillow" and her loving parents who have made a brave decision that will extend the time that they will be able to personally meet their babies needs for as long as they are physically able. I firmly believe that one day, when "Pillow" is truly an angel, and has been made perfect in every way, she will thank her precious parents for their commitment, strength and determination to love her and defend her interests in every way they could when she had to rely on them for all her needs. God bless you all and I pray God will bless and strengthen you for your commitment to the precious gift He has entrusted to you. Don't ever let anyone critize you for looking out for your baby. You are the only voice she has. Shout to the mountain tops if you have to,
He will hear you!