Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Adaptive hockey in Minnesota: Season II for Minnesota Special Hockey

Hot? Steamy? Sweaty?

It's July now, but hockey relief is not far away: - Minnesota Special Hockey

We are holding a Kick off Event on October 7th at 4pm at the MN Made Ice Center in Edina. This is an opportunity for our experienced skaters to lace up the skates and warm up. It is also a great opportunity to recruit more skaters. Please bring a friend or two or six and encourage them to give hockey a try. Before and after this event we will have an equipment swap at another location in Edina. Details to follow.
This is our third season with MN Special Hockey -- once with the experimental season, last year with the first full season, and now we're looking forward to the 2nd full season. This year there are teams for the north (Blaine), south (Edina - that's us) and east (Woodbury).

Players ages range from about 4-5 to over 45, physical abilities range from non-skater to pickup game quality, cognitive disabilities range from severe ADHD to Aspergers, autism, ASD, and a range of cognitive and behavioral disorders. (Sled Hockey is a different organization: It's quite a range to handle, but so far it's worked. The major change this year, besides the addition of a new team, will be adjusting to players who now have significant experience, and will enter playing a higher skill level than past years.

The gear is expensive, though we can help with that and we get donations. Otherwise we get enough donations that the registration fee is much less than any other hockey organization, and the time commitment is typically only a few hours a week (ie. Not 5 am 4 times/week).

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Whoo! Hockey! Awesome. Sports are such a fantastic outlet for everyone. No matter if they have special needs or not.