Sunday, August 19, 2007

Salon's obscure forum for special needs parents

My wife found this by chance and I had a hard time rediscovering it. Buried in the creaky* Table Talk discussion forums of Salon (not on the WELL, which Salon also hosts), in the Family Life discussion area, is the "x-treme parenting discussion":
The joys and challenges of parenting a child "on the far end of normal." Physical and developmental delays and disabilities, learning and attention problems, emotional, behavioral, and chronic health issues. Diagnosis, treatment, and daily life. No topic is too large or too small, and all are welcome.
It started with a single post in 2005 and the discussion's been running for about 20 years a few thousand posts. It's a bit of a mystery that this thread has lasted so long...

* How creaky? The URLs embed the user login identifier - so creating this post took some careful editing! In one case I had to retain the identifier to allow the link to work. Medieval, really.

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