Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Outsourcing for special needs services

The NTY has a review of outsourcing service tasks to India:
Adrianne Yamaki, a 32-year-old management consultant in New York, travels constantly and logs 80-hour workweeks. So to eke out more time for herself, she routinely farms out the administrative chores of her life — making travel arrangements, hair appointments and restaurant reservations and buying theater tickets — to a personal assistant service, in India.
I'd wondered when these services would catch on. I'd particularly like to outsource entering my expenses at work. It takes me four hours to enter a batch of expenses in our ridiculous corporate accounting system. If I were to outsource the chore I could work three hours, take an hour off, and everyone would win.

More seriously, many persons with special needs can function quite well in the world -- with some supervision. Every so often though things get tougher, and a vulnerable person can hit the wall.

That's when it would be nice to have a personal assistant on call 24x7. Pick up the video/camera/GPS phone, and the remote assistant would come on. Their computer screen would display the video image, the geographic location and all relevant data at hand.

I've wondered about starting that business myself. The software alone would be interesting.


alex said...

What is not apparent in the article is obvious in the photo of a woman sitting on the floor holding her child. Parents and students take note. This is not about "outsourcing" your child's education-- this is about carefully seeking an engaged tutor who is going to provide the best help possible. Tutoring does not have been outsourced. Contrary to popular belief, there tons of qualified, US- based tutors that are eager to help. It is just that the Indian firms have been among the most aggressive in moving into the online space. If you are looking online tutoring from tutors that are closer to the U.S. experience, check out Most of the tutors are current students or graduates of top US schools like Penn, Stanford and Harvard. You don't have to go overseas to get help with homework.

Tahirih said...

I think this is a very interesting idea. I think that Daily Life Help Agency would be great! I have a family member who does not need very much help, but sometimes she really needs help on basic things. The problem with the idea is that she needs help from someone who really can be trusted. She is vulnerable. I think that if you create this agency, it would be good to make it licensed and bonded.