Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Autism spectrum disorders on the phone: would a webcam or mirror help?

I wonder if this technique would be helpful for people with autism spectrum disorders. Would seeing their own facial expressions help with self-evaluation and self-assessment?

Gordon is using a webcam, but a mirror would also work...
Gordon's Notes: using a webcam to help with audio-only conference calls

... I've recently been persuaded that for many people, including me, even crummy low resolution images enable better social interaction and higher quality communication.

So I've started using a webcam with Office Communicator 2005. Unfortunately the people I communicate with don't usually have a webcam, so it's one way. They see me. I either see a blank space or my own face.

That's where I made an interesting discovery. It helps me, when on a phone call, to see my own face. It helps me be more patient, and even to be a better listener....

So I'm experimenting with viewing my own face and body language when I'm on voice only calls. I'm guessing it will help me be more conscious of my own reactions, and better able to manage the call....

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