Wednesday, March 05, 2008

BigScreen Live: XP software for elders and special needs

In general, what works for elders also works for persons with cognitive disabilities. I speak here as someone who is closer to elder than younger.

So I was intrigued to find this product in one of my routine searches for adaptive software solutions:

BigScreen Live: Software and Accessories

Create an account for yourself or for a relative or friend. After the 30-day trial a membership will be available to you for the price of only $14.99 per month.

You do not need an email address to get a BigScreenLive membership. We will provide you will an email address, and free download of the software. Currently BigScreenLive works with Windows XP and Vista and will be available for Macs soon.

Once you purchase a membership, we will also send you a BigScreenLive USB 2.0 Flash Drive, which will allow you to use BigScreenLive on public computers without having to download the software.

"Available for Macs soon" usually means -- we'll start work on an OS X version when heck freezes over. If my mother were using an XP solution I'd look at this more closely, but I'm pleased to see that there are vendors exploring this growing market. The USB 2.0 Flash Drive option is interesting.

There's no information on the site to suggest what the product actually is, but of course they're not selling directly to people like me.

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