Sunday, July 05, 2009

The perils of judgment

Take one:
Two children, one dog, one weather beaten father. July day, maybe a bit hot. Lovely though.

One child shouts too much. The other seems old to be so cranky and tearful. Dad seems a bit passive. Really, he should put his foot down.

Parental grade: C-, and that's only because fathers get off easy.
Take two:
Two children with autism and a few more challenges besides. A day of bicycling (yes, and that was a great victory x 2) with Dad to a secret trail, rappelling down a bluff face to the river, playing with the dogs, tossing balls, drawing in the sand, exploring the river, drying sandy feet and managing wet underwear.

Constant negotiation, pushing the envelope of abilities and anxieties. The dog's pretty easy, but she gets upset if she can't see and touch all of her pack - especially when she's in her bike trailer.

Parental grade: Off the charts that neurotypical parents use.
Me, I don't judge nobody.

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