Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Assistive communication app for the iPhone and iTouch

Gradually, developers are turning the iPhone into an assistive technology device.
Proloquo2Go: Assistive communication for the iPhone and iPod touch

...Proloquo2Go [iTunes Link] is not your usual iPhone/iPod touch app. It turns the mobile device into a full augmentative and alternative communication device ...

...When signing is not available or appropriate, using an AAC device may well be. AAC devices use combinations of symbols, words, sounds and technology to allow people without functional vocal abilities to communicate. The cost of such devices range from around US$3,500 to US$8,500 for something about the size of a Speak and Spell...

...In contrast, the Proloquo2Go app has a price of US$189.99...
At the moment medicare doesn't reimburse for the app and iTouch, since there's a well intended but obsolete single-purpose device rule with medicare. That's likely to change.

It will be interesting to see how the worldwide market will transform these kinds of solutions, both on the iPhone and on Android.

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