Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Managing net access

Computer misuse isn't a uniquely special needs problem, but problems with abstract concepts of trust and responsibility can make things harder.

After discovering the limits of our supervisory capabilities we're augmenting them per this post ...
Gordon's Tech: Web filters - return to OpenDNS

... I figured we could restrict access to watched machines. Yeah, if we weren't so distracted that might work. The logs, though, tell me that ain't doin' it.

Multiple computers with multiple accounts on each computer doesn't help. Neither does running OS X, there's not much of a market for OS X access management (see: Children Online: Web Filters); they are sold but I can't find any reviews from anyone I trust [1]. There might be a market except Apple bundled Parental Control into the OS.

Oh, wait, why not use Apple's Parental Control features? Because they're $#!$#!$ broken and they've been $&*^%^% broken for years...

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