Sunday, June 27, 2010

Adolescence - continued ...

It would have been nice if our pediatric endocrinologist had been right and we had been wrong. Nice, but unlikely.

So our eldest guy with disabilities both a teen and physiologically adolescent. We've moved into phase II of the "great game" of his life.

It is a good time to review the objectives we've held since studying the most important book every written.
  1. Avoid serious irreversible harm to others.
  2. Avoid serious irreversible harm to self.
  3. Avoid America's well funded special needs residential care program
  4. Maximize the cognitive skills that will be most useful to him in work and in life. Reading and social intelligence of course, but also leverage his relative gift for technology use.
  5. Maximize his physical health and personal happiness.
  6. Find the best possible adult residential arrangement with the most feasible independent living option.
  7. Find him employment he enjoys.
  8. Set up a support system that can outlive us.
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