Saturday, September 18, 2010

Google Scribe for special needs writing?

I'm typing this post with helpful from Google Scribe. As I type I get a popup list that lets me type a number or hit enter to autocomplete my sentences. It even suggests phrases based on what I type. I used to use something like this on my old Palm III; it was helpful there but it's somewhat distracting when I have a keyboard.

Lee Matthews has a good description ....
Google Scribe bookmarklet puts powerful autocomplete anywhere you enter text on the Web

... Ever wish you could leverage the power of Google Suggest anywhere?...

Those users might want to check out Google Scribe, a slick new Labs offering that brings Google's suggestion magic to any text entry field on the Web. Just visit the Scribe page and drag the bookmarklet onto your bookmarks bar, head on over to your favorite social site like Facebook or Twitter, and give it a go!

Once you click your bookmarklet, you'll see an activation notice appear. As you type, Scribe will display a drop-down list of suggestions, just like Google's search box does. You can press Enter to apply the first suggestion or 1-0 to pick any option in the list (or use your mouse if you prefer). Google Scribe also offers sorting options, and you can set it to "always on" or "on demand" mode...
For my test I installed the Google Chrome scribe extension, but I believe the bookmarklet will work with Safari. You hit Enter to accept the top suggestion with a space, a number to choose another, Esc to hide suggestions and tab to choose without a space.

I think it will work even if you're not logged into Google, though I expect a future version will learn from the words someone uses.

This technology is obviously helpful when doing small device text entry, but for a special needs writer with limited spelling skills it may be very interesting at all times. I'm going to try it with my son the next time he's working (under intense direct supervision!) on his Facebook page.

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