Saturday, April 16, 2011

Transition Tool Kit from Autism speaks

Autism Speaks [1] has put together a Transition Tool Kit targeting families with special needs children ages 14-22. The goal is to support transition into the community when school services end.

The kit is downloadable, but as best I can tell the kit is the same set of PDFs that are found on the above page. An "online appendix" is a curated set of links to additional information.

The kit is pretty generic, because state rules vary [2]. Autism speaks has state resource guides (ex: MN) with sections on adult transition. Minnesota's data is a well done list, and it includes a state specific transition guide.

I'm including all of MN specific information in my MSP special needs custom search engine.

[1] In the past they've been associated with the immunization obsessed, but I wonder if they're trying to get clear of that crowd.
[2] At some point, do we relocate to a state with better services? What happens when millions of retired adults begin driving their mobile homes around the nation, desperately seeking dwindling services for their adult children? Just wondering.

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