Saturday, September 29, 2012

A lawyers guide to the high-evidence IEP process

IEPs and Evidence was written by Katie Kelly, a special needs lawyer and mother of two special needs children. It's a more adversarial approach than we've had to take - so far. I recommend reading the original and saving the document. For example:

Prior Written notice. ... The PWN is a procedural safeguard that makes the school put in writing the service or Individual Education Plan (IEP) term you asked for, the data they considered in refusing you that service, and their reason for doing so.  You will not get a copy at the meeting; it will be mailed to you.  It should be very specific.  Warning: the school will make it as vague as possible.  Tell them to do it again using the specifics that you got entered into the meeting notice...

She recomends recording all IEP meetings, optimizing formal minutes, using email to document and clarify all communications and actions, and dedicating a special journal to each IEP. The first two we haven't done and won't start doing until we see more trouble. Email and a special journal are easy to do anywhere.

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