Monday, November 14, 2011

Aspergers and crying: maybe not a career killer

We're proud and happy with how boy #2 is doing in middle school. Teachers pleased, good grades, he seems happy to go to school. Still has trouble crying though. I think of it as an Aspergers trait; he cries when he's frustrated or upset.

I also think of it as significant career handicap. Maybe I'm overstating things ...

Why xxxx cried

... xxxx cried over just about everything. He cried at the beginning of Apple after Woz's father pushed his son to take more ownership of the company because he thought xxxx wasn't doing much work. xxxx went over to Woz's home and bawled his eyes out. Woz kept him on.

xxxx cried when his employee badge said #2 instead of #1 (which went to Woz), then ended up getting badge #0. He cried when Apple pushed him out of the company. He cried at Pixar during a battle with Disney. He cried when Time put the Mac on its cover instead of him. He cried when he saw the famous Apple "1984" ad for the first time. He cried about Windows "copying" the Mac. He cried over design questions, like when the iMac team put a tray-based CD drive in the machine rather than a slot-loading drive. He cried over deep issues of personal privacy, such as the moment his cancer first became public and shareholders were braying for information. He cried because he wanted the original Apple II to have a one-year warranty, rather than 90 days...

Of course xxxx was Steve Jobs.

So evidently a crying problem need not be a career killer.

As to whether this hypersensitive obsessively detail oriented creative with supreme synthetic skills and narrow interests had other Aspergers traits ...

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