Thursday, July 05, 2012

Google's Project Glass - it's for special needs too

Google is marketing lightweight "Glass"(es) that include a constant computer connection and enable recording and transmission of surroundings.

Google is frantically marketing this to young, healthy people. This mystifies everyone.

There is, however, a market ...

Gordon's Notes: Google's Project Glass - it's not for the young

... We don't mind having something identifying people for us,  recording where we've been and what we've done, selling us things we don't need, and warning us of suspicious strangers and oncoming traffic. We are either going to die or get demented, and the way medicine is going the latter is more likely. We need a bionic brain; an ever present AI keeping us roughly on track and advertising cut-rate colonoscopy...

Anything that helps cognitive function in the elderly can also improve the life of special needs adults. Google Glass may be important for our community.

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