Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Minneapolis and Loppet Foundation/Courage Center launch Adaptive Cross-Country Ski program

#1 and #2 have both become quite good XC skiers. It took some ingenuity to get there [1]. Now there's a new option to make winter more fun... (emphases mine):

Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board - Cross-Country Skiing:

... Adaptive Cross-Country Ski Program

The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board is teaming up with the Loppet Foundation and Courage Center to offer an Adaptive Cross Country Ski Program for individuals with visual impairments, physical and/or developmental disabilities.

Athletes will be paired one-on-one with instructors trained by Courage Center, with sessions culminating with the Luminary Loppet candlelit ski, part of the City of Lakes Loppet Cross-Country Ski Festival.

... Five Thursday Sessions: Jan. 3, 10, 17, 24, 31, 6:30-8 p.m. (meet at the Wirth Par 3 building) Cost: $95, includes equipment, trail passes, coaching, and registration fee for the Luminary Loppet (with transportation to and from the event).

The authors omitted directions on how to sign up for this (oops), but see the update below..

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[1] I've never fully documented the Machiavellian program I followed. #3 is neurotypical, and loves to do special things with her mother. So they did an intro class together. #2 (Asperger's) is not a natural skier, but he is fiercely competitive with #2. So we played on that to get  him to outrace her. That left #1, who is a natural athlete -- once we have Mom, #2 and #3 and skijoring dog on board he will naturally go along. It unfolded as planned.
[2] Largest in North America, and we don't think any other country has a larger program.

Update 12/28/2012

Some more information on how to register: contact "Nels Dyste; nels.dyste@CourageCenter.org".

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