Saturday, March 12, 2016

Dating and relationships on the spectrum: AUSM presentation and reading list

#2 and I attended the first of a planned series of Autism Society of Minnesota (AUSM) presentations: Dating and Relationships: How Does This Work?

It was awesome.

There were two parallel tracks. A track for spectrum teens 12-19 was led by Jeannie Uhlenkamp, author of  The Guide to Dating for Teenagers with Asperger Syndrome. A session for professionals and parents was led by Sara Pahl and Dawn Brasch. The teen track would have been challenging given the variety of interests and learning features. My track is best summarized as “so we’re not the only ones”; between #1 and #2 I could have spoken to every topic. (And suggested a bunch of additional topics for a future “advanced” track.)

The frank discussion of the legal aspects of spectrum sexuality and choices was particularly appreciated.

This needs to be turned into a video series for wider use. I understand the AUSM has plans in that direction.

For now, here is a reading list from today’s session:

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