Sunday, May 21, 2017

Configuring an iPhone for special needs users - the summary table

I've been using Facebook to share my book work (still ongoing!). It has limitations though so sharing today's update here.

Turn “Ask to Join Networks” Off to reduce noisy prompts. I dislike the way Apple does automatic WiFi connections, but if you turn WiFi off completely location finding becomes less accurate. So leave WiFi on.
Off to simplify use until needed
See “Controlling data use”, above
AMBER alerts may be upsetting and are certainly disruptive. Turn them off. Emergency Alerts are much less frequent and may be valuable in tornado country. Application Notifications are disruptive, turn of all but the ones that your Explorer needs (example: Messages, Calendar).
Control Center, Access controls
To reduce confusing screen popups turn off the “Lock Screen” and “Within Apps” options.
Do Not Disturb
If an Explorer sleeps with their iPhone nearby a Guide may schedule “Do Not Disturb” for evening hours. Calls from “Favorites” or “All Contacts” may be allowed to go through.
General, About, Name
It’s a good practice to give an Explorer’s device a meaningful name.
Spotlight Search
Turn off most options here to keep things simple. Do leave Calendar and Contacts as searchable.
Disable. Any Explorer who can benefit from this will know to turn it on.
See “Accessibility”, above.
See “Restrictions”, above. This is also discussed in later chapters.
Consider disabling the Emoji keyboard if it is confusing — but many Explorers will enjoy using Emojis.  Most of the spelling and correction options are helpful to most Explorers and can be left alone. Dictation can be disabled for most, it can be confusing if accidentally activated and it uses up keyboard space.
Display & Brightness
Auto-Lock should generally be set to 5 Minutes. Display Zoom is helpful for Explorers who may benefit from larger controls and icons. Weirdly this is different, and more useful, than “Zoom” in Accessibility. Text Size appears here and in the Accessibility settings, it’s discussed in the Accessibility section above.
Ringer and Alerts, Change with Buttons should be disabled. Otherwise Explorers will accidentally silence their ringer and alert. Really, everyone should turn this one off! May Explorers will want to choose a Ringtone they like (and will tolerate). Keyboard Clicks can be either irritating or helpful and should be reviewed with an Explorer.
See “Siri”, above.
Touch ID & Passcode
See “Touch ID”, above.
iTunes & App Store
See Store accounts, above.
Wallet & Apple Pay
Disable this for most Explorers, especially the double-click home button shortcut.

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