Saturday, April 20, 2013

Connect WC: a superb MN resource for children and adults with developmental disabilities

Washington County is a predominantly exurban and suburban region west of the Twin Cities. I didn't expect it to be the home of well done website on Developmental Disabilities Resources and Information funded by the CCP Foundation [1]. Some of the material is Minnesota specific, but much of it applies anywhere in the US. Only a few topics are truly specific to Washington County.

I learned a few things about developmental disability options in our region -- and that doesn't happen too often. Some the pages to check out include:

Despite the web site description, they mix physical and cognitive disability resources. They could perhaps do a better job separating those, but many people with cognitive disability also have physical disabilities.
This may be the best web site on special needs services I've seen anywhere - certainly the best in Minnesota. I've added this domain to the Google Custom Search for special needs services in Minneapolis and St Paul.
[1] Alas, its grant program just ended.

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