Saturday, April 20, 2013

Minnesotans with developmental disabilities can get a lifetime free fishing license and a fifty cent Minnesota ID card

Exemptions and fishing licenses issued without a fee: Minnesota DNR: "Permanent angling license issued to any Minnesota resident over age 16 who is developmentally disabled ... Available only from the DNR License Center."

I paid $6 for my 16yo to get his teen license, but we'll probably do this when he's 18. 

When I picked up this year's license I realized it's time for #1 to start carrying a wallet with at least his school ID. He's not keen on this; I suspect he won't like the sensation. A think sports wallet, or even a clip, is probably our best bet. That wallet can include a reduced-fee Minnesota ID card ...

A reduced-fee Minnesota Identification Card (similar in appearance to a driver's license) can be obtained through the Department of Public Services, Driver's Vehicle Services, with a form signed by a doctor or social worker. The cost is only fifty cents.

I wonder if that cost was set in the 1950s.

The physician form is available here. The rules for getting a Minnesota ID card are here, sounds like #1 needs his passport, a school photo ID, and a parent.

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